Hi, I’m Greg Baran. I love to teach. Specifically, I love to teach students how to write and teach teachers how to teach writing. I truly believe that if there’s one thing that guarantees success, it’s the ability to write clearly.

If our kids can write clearly, then they’ve mastered thinking and speaking clearly. And when they have all three abilities tucked under their belts, it’s tough to stop them from achieving any goal they desire.

Our kids certainly deserve the gift of writing clearly and the associated success. That’s one reason I love teaching students of all ages and abilites—I want them to be the captain of their lives and their success.

To this end, when I started teaching years ago it quickly became clear to me most students struggled with writing. I taught at-risk youth as well as college students and both groups had difficulty with the same issue—understanding proper writing structure. Both groups wanted to be successful, but they lacked this simple understanding. So I created a rudimentary visual aid that showed them how to structure their writing. The immediate success of this “map” led me to expand my ideas and soon other teachers were seeking me out to find out how they could duplicate my success.

Naturally I wanted to help, but I knew these instructors needed specific and easy-to follow instructions. I have an M.A. in English Composition, so I spent years and years thinking and writing about the writing process, but these other teachers didn’t. So I broke down the steps into an easy-to-follow process—and “Voila!”— teachers from every field and age group from elementary through college suddenly became expert writing teachers.

Along the way, parents asked me how they could help their kids become better writers. So I made The Baran Method available to them and “Voila!”— more expert writing teachers!

Now, I’m happy to bring this method to you, the caring homeschool parent who more than anything wants to help their child succeed. You can be a competent and effective writing teacher and it doesn’t take a thick textbook or years of education to master.

This method is all you need! Bear in mind this is not just a book—it’s a complete method. It will help you become the writing teacher you want to be and your child will become the writer he or she deserves to be.

I do hope you’ll join me on this journey.

All the best. Happy Writing!

Greg Baran


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