Teaching writing and learning to write doesn’t have to be complicated. Effective writing follows a specific pattern. In order to be successful, you just have to know the pattern.

I developed The Baran Method to demystify this pattern so you can quickly become an expert on proper writing structure. You’ll be able to teach your child this same process and they’ll be, “Good to go!”

You don’t need thick and complex textbooks on how to teach writing. They have some solid information, but who has the time or interest to dig through them? This simple system will empower you so you can master the three key concepts that are the foundation and building blocks of successful writing.

This method has been proven to be extremely successful for teaching writing. Thousands of students have used this method to become effective writers.

You can apply this method to any curriculum or field of study. Got an article, novel, short story, or old English Language Arts textbook? Read the stories and use The Baran Method to write your paragraphs and essays. Got a science textbook? Use this system to write your paragraphs and essays. Same with Social Studies.

You can use The Baran Method to teach and write every writing assignment. In a short time, you’ll become an effective writing teacher and your child will quickly become a confident writer.

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  • No more anxiety about your ability to teach writing.

  • no more stressing out about whether your child understands how to write.

  • No more fear that your child will not be prepared for college.

Having read this book, I can honestly say my writing has really improved. This book explains the structure of essays and explains it in great detail. Not only is it filled with specific directions on how to properly write essays, it has color-coordinated maps that show how to write essays. This method can really help anyone struggling to learn how to write. The book is not lengthy, yet filled with great information. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help with any writing assignment!
— Esteban O., College Freshman



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There are many things I appreciate about Greg’s method, but for me there are two things that really stand out and they both have to do with the importance of color-coding. First, the checklist (with colors) made teaching my 5th graders how to write a multi-paragraph essay incredibly easy. Secondly, the paragraph and essay samples in the book are colored-coded to match the instructions. This really helped guide the experience for my students! Having so many samples to study and interact with makes this resource invaluable. Any parent or teacher wanting to be more efficient and simplify instruction will appreciate the amazing work Greg has put into this method!
— Rhonda K., 5th grade teacher